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I understand that camera shyness can be a real hurdle before a headshot/personal branding session. It’s something I really struggle with. But please don’t worry, there are ways to navigate it! Here are some tips to help you overcome camera shyness before your session: Before the shoot: Mentally prepare: Choose the right photographer: Can’t recommend […]

Personal Branding for the camera shy

Personal branding holds significant importance in today’s world. Why? There are many reasons why investing in your personal brand can help you and your business. Standing out in a crowded field In an increasingly competitive landscape, personal branding helps you differentiate yourself from others with similar skills or experiences. It allows you to showcase your […]

Is personal branding important?

Congratulations on being brave! It’s a massive step to book a photography session. You now have a gorgeous selection of images waiting to be used! Where to use? How to use them? Here are a few tips of where and why to use your final images. Quick tip Before you start posting images, make a […]

Where to use your brand photos?

Kathryn Goddard Photography

Photographs are a powerful, creative and essential part of any brand. They enchant your audience by telling the visual story of your brand. The right images capture their attention. Photographs can also elevate your brand. With the rise of visual social media channels – Instagram, TikTok we have all become incredibly proficient at creating images […]

Photography for your brand

Personal Branding session by Kathryn Goddard Photography

Whether you are planning an epic multi day shoot, complete with hired location, stylist, props, and a professional photographer or you’re simply setting aside some time to work on some images for your social media, take the time to plan. They will make a huge difference, helping you to shoot more efficiently and your images […]

Your Brand – Planning your brand photo shoot

There are so many challenges to running a small business and at the moment it is even more challenging. Even during all this uncertainty we still need to retain some sort of online presence to continue to engage with our clients and keep our businesses afloat. But what if…. You don’t feel able or don’t […]

4 key shots you can take yourself for Your Brand – Tips for capturing your own images.

Tools of your trade by Kathryn Goddard Photography

The value of an image for Your Brand Did you know that visitors to your website are 80% more likely to read your copy if it is accompanied with an image? Further-more they are 64% more likely to remember it! Obviously the quality and relevancy of the image is as important as its very presence, […]

Photography for Your Brand – the value of an image

Personal Branding Photography by Kathryn Goddard Photography

You may be familiar with the term ‘Personal Branding Photography’, it has been growing in popularity recently. But what is Personal Branding, and how can it help your business grow? First, let’s start with branding. What is a brand? Your brand is more than just your logo or your colour scheme or the pictures you […]

Personal Branding Photography – what does it mean?

Personal Branding session by Kathryn Goddard Photography

I recently had the pleasure of working with Abbe Opher, a voiceover artist. Our paths had crossed previously, Abbe attended one of my workshops Instagram. From that one meeting I remembered Abbe as being a warm, calm person with a wonderful voice that I could listen to time and time again. It was  lovely to […]

Your Brand | Abbe Opher voiceover artist

Personal Branding Session for Abbe Opher by Kathryn Goddard Photography

Whether you’re planning a family shoot, booking a wedding photographer or getting headshots done for your business, one thing that plagues a lot of people when they book a professional photographer is anxiety about what they will look like in the final pictures? Will they be good enough? Will they look overweight? What will other […]

Nervous about a professional photo shoot? 5 top tips to look your best

Headshot on location by Kathryn Goddard Photography