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Sustainable weddings, also known as eco-friendly weddings, are becoming increasingly popular for couples who want to minimise their environmental impact on their special day as well as celebrate their love. Here are some ways to incorporate sustainable practices into your wedding planning: Venue Attire Decorations My personal recommendations are: Food Favours Other sustainable ideas You […]

Planning a sustainable wedding

I understand that camera shyness can be a real hurdle before a headshot/personal branding session. It’s something I really struggle with. But please don’t worry, there are ways to navigate it! Here are some tips to help you overcome camera shyness before your session: Before the shoot: Mentally prepare: Choose the right photographer: Can’t recommend […]

Personal Branding for the camera shy

Personal branding holds significant importance in today’s world. Why? There are many reasons why investing in your personal brand can help you and your business. Standing out in a crowded field In an increasingly competitive landscape, personal branding helps you differentiate yourself from others with similar skills or experiences. It allows you to showcase your […]

Is personal branding important?

Wedding planning can be exciting for some, however it can be a little be scary for others  –  there are just so many wedding suppliers out there. Wedding fairs are a great place to start plus there is always the added temptation of a glass of fizz, cake samples, special offers and goody bags to entice you along.  However, it can […]

My top tips for visiting a wedding fair

Bridal bouquet at Clevedon Hall

Congratulations on being brave! It’s a massive step to book a photography session. You now have a gorgeous selection of images waiting to be used! Where to use? How to use them? Here are a few tips of where and why to use your final images. Quick tip Before you start posting images, make a […]

Where to use your brand photos?

Kathryn Goddard Photography

Photographs are a powerful, creative and essential part of any brand. They enchant your audience by telling the visual story of your brand. The right images capture their attention. Photographs can also elevate your brand. With the rise of visual social media channels – Instagram, TikTok we have all become incredibly proficient at creating images […]

Photography for your brand

Personal Branding session by Kathryn Goddard Photography

The weather in the UK is never predictable which can make choosing a wedding date feel like a gamble, regardless of the season; the sunshine does not come with a money back guarantee. The only way that couples can combat this unpredictability is to face the risks head on, work out what the potential problems […]

Weather proof your wedding – tips for your wedding day

Couple in wedding attire on a windy day in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Whether you are planning an epic multi day shoot, complete with hired location, stylist, props, and a professional photographer or you’re simply setting aside some time to work on some images for your social media, take the time to plan. They will make a huge difference, helping you to shoot more efficiently and your images […]

Your Brand – Planning your brand photo shoot

Before investing in headshot photography or personal branding photography, learn about the differences and find out which one’s right for your business? People buy from people In our digitally connected world it’s more important than ever to create a great first impression. Taking control of your personal brand is essential if you want to communicate […]

Headshot photography and personal branding photography. What is the difference?

Headshot - Float in the Forest by Kathryn Goddard Photography

BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER OF HOW I CAPTURE YOUR WEDDING DAY For many of you, you have probably been planning your wedding day for a long time. For me, it is very important that your wedding is YOUR day and that you spend that day celebrating with family and friends, not with me! I will not demand […]

What to expect? Photographing your wedding

Bride and Groom at Tracy Park, confetti being thrown. Kathryn Goddard Photography